Mark Bird, PhD, LMFT

Phone:  972-878-8527

I am passionate about helping people overcome their struggles and find hope, strength, peace, and solutions. I believe that people are innately capable and good, and I work with clients to help them access the capacity to heal. I believe in the healing power of relationships, and I work with clients to develop and improve those relationships so that they can provide support, connection, compassion, and safety as they struggle to overcome life challenges, depression, anxiety, trauma, and other struggles. I also believe that, for some, healing relationships that have suffered pain and betrayal is critical to long-term recovery.

I love working with couples. I have worked my entire career with both chemical dependency and process addictions (sex addiction, gambling, eating disorders, etc.). I run several groups for addiction and provide individual, marital, and family therapy in my private practice. We also offer therapy groups for partners of addicts.


Mark Bird is a licensed marriage and family therapist, attending BYU for his Master’s degree and Virginia Tech for his PhD. Mark has worked with drug/alcohol and process addictions for over ten years.

Because of his family therapy background, Mark is a strong proponent of a family approach to addiction treatment, including family in a variety of different ways.

Mark has worked with a wide range of trauma issues and is also Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)-trained (a type of treatment used in trauma resolutions). He uses various experiential therapies in his approach to treatment and is Ropes (adventure therapy) trained.

Mark has presented at many conferences over the years and has published five different articles in various journals.

Education and Training

  •    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  •    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor
  •    PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Tech

  •    Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University

  •    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Level I and II Trained

  •    Ropes Course Level I and II Trained (experiential therapy)

  •    Somatic Experiencing Certified
  •    Se Habla Español