Creating a Castle from the Chaos

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Book cover of "Creating a Castle from the Chaos" with a picture of a castle on the cover

Creating a Castle from the Chaos

by Mark H Bird, PhD

a companion to

In Tandem: Recovering Me, Recovering Us

Early recovery from betrayal trauma and addiction is a tumultuous time. Chaotic ups and downs make it difficult for individuals to stabilize in their recovery and succeed in their most important relationships (partner, family, friends, God, etc.). There are many books that focus on individual recovery for addicts, some books that focus on individual recovery for partners, and very little written to help couples and relationships heal. The book In Tandem was written to help build new tools to assist the addict, the partner, and the couple in the early recovery process, establishing safety and building connection in small ways that create stability. As you emerge out of the turmoil and instability of early recovery, Creating a Castle from the Chaos will direct you through other developmental steps in middle and late recovery, helping you to establish greater safety through deeper connection with yourself, your spouse, and others—all key elements to solidifying your recovery long-term. The book is divided into three parts: (1) individual recovery elements, (2) couple recovery elements, and (3) heatlhy sexuality. As you deepen your individual and couple programs of recovery, you will create more safety and deepen your ability to connect. With time and effort, the tools in this book will help you create a castle from the chaos of the world: a long-term recovery based on a solid foundation of self-acceptance and relational connection.

The book is available in the office.