James Ballard, MS, LMFT

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Phone:  972-357-4211
Email: jamesballardmft@gmail.com

EMDR Trained
James is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Texas (license 202190). James studied Psychology (BS – 2008) and Marriage and Family Therapy (MS – 2013) at Brigham Young University. During this time James conducted research on different areas of couple relationships: effects of pornography use on marital trust, effects of couple interaction on health, and couples’ experience of healing in therapy.
Before coming to Healing and Recovery, James worked in a residential treatment setting with teenage boys and in a community mental health clinic with individuals, couples and families. His primary areas of clinical focus include depression, anxiety, addiction, and issues in couple and family relationships.
About me:
While I believe that perspective and approach in therapy need to be informed by research and clinical experience, my clients are experts in their own lives. My aim is to collaborate with them in reaching their goals in a way that is suited to their unique needs and situation.
Therapy can be a place where clients learn new information, explore significant patterns in their life and relationships, find insight about their needs and emotions, develop skills in coping with painful emotions, build competence in communicating and working with their loved ones, create solutions to their challenges, and successfully adapt to the unexpected or developmental changes they are experiencing in their lives.
Growth is most meaningful and lasting when people are supported in discovering their own insights and creating their own solutions. People are most capable of engaging in the challenging work of therapy within the safety of compassionate relationships. My first goal is to help create a safe place for clients to have a voice and access their natural capacity for healing.