Casey Schenk, MS, LPC

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Phone: 940-765-7185

I believe healing is possible. We all have an innate desire and ability to develop and grow. Sometimes life’s challenges may contribute to losing touch with this. Through the therapeutic relationship, one can reconnect, or even for the first time discover, this desire and ability. 

I believe therapy, at its core, is relational. Healing occurs upon the foundation of this relationship. Within the safety of this relationship, journeying into some of the unexplored areas of life can yield treasures and insights that contribute to growth and healing. I became a therapist to accompany others on this journey so they do not have to travel alone. 

Before becoming a therapist, I worked in wilderness settings with youth teaching them adventure recreation skills. I also spent 8 years in Europe working with both unaccompanied refugee minors and youth with substance abuse challenges in residential settings. Time and time again, the consistent feedback from youth around their healing was the power of the relationships they had formed with us.

I am currently specializing in trauma and sex addiction recovery.


EMDR Trained

MS in Counseling-University of North Texas

MS in Youth and Family Recreation- Brigham Young University