Our team of compassionate and experienced therapists works with you to create a customized program that best fits your needs. Through a combination of individual, couple, and group therapy, we work to better understand your emotions, needs, and behaviors, and work to develop and maintain long-term recovery and connection in your life.

Our Program

Both addict and partner need support in recovering: the addict from the addiction, and the partner from the trauma of the side effects of the addiction. While early recovery can be full of crisis and pain, at Healing & Recovery we provide support for both partner and addict to move through the chaos and into long-term recovery, including:

  • Individual therapy for both partner and addict
  • Couples’ sessions (we recommend using a co-therapy format)
  • Therapist-led support groups for both partner and addict
  • Couples’ intensive classes addressing early, middle, and late recovery topics

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy can provide opportunities to change relational patterns in a way that lowers emotional reactivity and increases connection.  Being able to create mutual understanding and accountability around these healthier patterns is critical in helping changes made in individual recovery solidify more quickly, which in turn helps couple recovery to improve. Consistent couple therapy (even if it is monthly) is also essential because it helps couples establish a firm foundation of individual recovery that is connected with their spouse’s recovery.

In many cases the work of couple recovery occurs most effectively using co-therapy, where both individual therapists attend the session. This provides support in a way that helps the couple move more quickly through their triggers, reactivity, and emotions. Co-therapy ensures that each individual has an advocate, which creates safety and builds relational trust more rapidly. It also gives individual therapists a more complete understanding of relational issues, maximizing their ability to help clients resolve connected individual struggles.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy with a skilled therapist provides a very private environment to process thoughts, emotions, and trauma. It gives you a place where you can focus on exploring your past and present without judgment from others. Many people have expressed ideas and told secrets in individual therapy that they never imagined they would be able to say out loud, giving them the ability to finally face their deepest fears and conquer them.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides an environment where you can explore and share with others who struggle with similar issues, gain insights from others’ experiences, and take risks and reach out in ways you normally would not be able to, but can with support. It provides a safe place to connect while minimizing the risk of judgement. Almost all of our clients report that being in a group setting helps them feel less ashamed, more connected, and more hopeful.

Couples’ Intensives

Couples’ intensives offer additional tools in a concentrated format at three specific stages of recovery. The early recovery intensive focuses on emotional safety in order to decrease chaos and increase understanding and stability. Our middle recovery class concentrates on understanding and building empathy as couples work to recreate their relationship and connect in a safer and deeper way than they have previously been able to. The final class addresses intimacy and healthy sexuality.