Marriage/Couples Counseling

Because marriage is the most connected, intimate relationship, it can be the most rewarding—and the most painful. Breakdowns in communication, intensity of emotion, and outside stressors (money, work, extended family, etc.) can lead to problems that sometimes seem unsolvable. But there is a way through the pain to solutions.

At Healing and Recovery (serving the Dallas and Fort Worth area), we are passionate about helping people overcome their struggles and find hope, strength, peace, and solutions. We believe that people are innately capable and good, and through marriage counseling we work with clients to help them access the capacity to heal. We believe in the healing power of relationships and work with couples to develop and improve those relationships so that they can provide support, connection, compassion, and safety as they struggle to overcome life challenges, depression, anxiety, trauma, and other struggles.

With offices near the Lewisville and Carrollton border, we’ve created a diverse team of experienced marriage therapists that will fit your needs. All our marriage counselors use proven methods and have specialized trainings. We will help you to develop the skills and capacity necessary to bridge the gaps—no matter how deep or wide those gaps seem.

Because negative patterns can grow exponentially worse in a short time, call now and get started with marriage counseling.