Sara Ferguson, LCSW

Phone:  281-799-8760

I believe healing from life’s hard challenges is possible whether they be from trauma experience, relationship problems (marriage, divorce, betrayal trauma, step parenting, care taking), addictions; either chemical or process addictions (such as sexual/love addiction or eating disorders), depression, anxiety, grief, health issues, physical or sexual abuse, loneliness, self-esteem and the many other issues life can throw our way. Hope is real and healing can happen so life can become satisfying and joyful. I am passionate about helping others become their best selves by partnering with them to process and resolve struggles that keep them from achieving peace and happiness and to accomplish their personal life goals.

Working with clients in addiction treatment facilities has strengthen my resolve to help people heal from the underlying problems that keep them from having the success and joy that can be experienced in life. I am EMDR trained to work with those who have experienced trauma that interferes with daily life. I consider your whole life and environment, including relationships, mental/physical heath, work/school, and spirituality, to see the full picture. I then join with you to create a personal plan to achieve healing, true happiness and your personal goals.

I love working with and empowering women of all ages, couples and families. My personal experience with marriage, motherhood, a blended family with step children, grandchildren, family addictions, divorce and experiencing the healing power of faith has enriched my life and fired a strong passion in me to help others find the healing and joy that is achievable in this life.

I look forward to working with you so that you may achieve healing and joy.