Jess Wilson, MS, LMFT

photo of Jess Wilson

Phone: 940-580-9689

I am a compassionate person who believes that people are inherently good and do the best they can. I love to hear people’s stories and to help them discover the change they want to make in their lives and relationships. I am a firm believer that relationships can heal. Finding peace is possible.

Throughout my career I have worked with children, individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing a wide range of symptoms. Trained in family systems, I am honored to help relationships bridge communication gaps and find the underlying meaning beneath interactions with one another leading to more valued connections in their relationships. Each individual and family is unique, and I do my best to help you discover the solution that works best for you.

I have training in and experience utilizing play therapy with a variety of ages. Because children are not yet fully developed cognitively or emotionally, this can make it difficult for them to express themselves verbally. I believe that through play children are able to communicate and process their needs and desires. I help the child to identify their feelings and express them in appropriate ways, while they are also learning coping skills to use in everyday situations.