Personal/Mental Health Counseling

When to seek counseling

Personal counseling helps you work through issues that are preventing you from the life you want. With this type of counseling, you work one-on-one with a trained professional to solve problems, make decisions and set goals for your life. You learn how better coping strategies for any problems or issues that may enter your life.

Indicators that you should seek counseling include stress and anxiety, an inability to focus and concentrate, trouble sleeping because of high emotion, and concern that you may become abusive to yourself or others. Common issues that lead people to feel these ways are family and relationship problems, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, the death of a loved one, physical or sexual abuse and worries concerning career and education.

You should never wait until you are feeling completely hopeless to seek counseling. Counseling is normally covered under most medical insurance plans. If you don’t have health coverage, many counselors may offer you a payment plan, sometimes on a sliding scale. Counseling can be less expensive at a mental health facility than through a private practice.