Addictions have such a powerful impact on both addicts and family members. For addicts, the intense payoffs and/or the ability to numb painful emotion (together with physical dependence) make it difficult to stop behaviors despite long-term negative impacts: disconnection, shame, job loss, relationship tension, divorce, and even abuse. Families also experience powerlessness over the addict (and the addiction), and struggle to know how to find stability, peace, and relief in the tumultuous world caused by addiction.

At Healing and Recovery, we believe there is a way out. And we believe that path to healing is multi-faceted and occurs most quickly when individuals and families work to:

  • Change behavior
  • Improve physical well-being
  • Transform thinking
  • Better understand and manage emotion
  • Develop better communication skills for improved relationships, and
  • Better access spirituality.
  • We provide individual, couple, family, and group therapy for both addicts and family members who are working to recover from addiction. Please contact us for more information. Individual information about each therapist (including contact information) is also included on the Who We Are page.

Group Therapy

For information on Group Therapy provided by Healing and Recovery, call us at 972-878-8527.